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Previously I've explained how in vNext it's possible to create custom "loaders" that enables one to do different languages (among other things) in vNext. Today I'm going to talk about what went into the creation of FSharpSupport, how to use it, and some of the speed bumps along the way… »

Note: This post is in direct response to feedback from my previous post, so if you have not read that one, you should. Daniel Plaisted (@dsplaisted) provided me with some great feedback on my previous post, and I'd like to address some of the points that he commented on. The… »

One of the features of vNext most people don't know about is the ability to add custom project loaders. Though, it's not just that people doesn't know about the fact that you can do custom project loading, a lot of people probably don't even know what project loading in vNext… »